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Children of the Epilogue

A Next Gen Writers' Group

A Next Gen Writers' Group
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All Members , Moderated
This is an open discussion group for writers of Next Gen HP fic
This is a special place to talk about writing Next Gen HP and everything involving the Children of the Epilogue. It's a place to let down your hair, toss plots back and forth, talk about projects, toast accomplishments, and generally be writers writing together and enjoying each others' company and creativity.

We are a small and precious community and we are all important. Disagreements should be settled outside of comm. This is meant as an open and egalitarian place for the exchange of ideas. Mutual respect is essential. We may all play differently, but we must play nice.

We are now planning inclusive Next Gen Awards to recognize the hard work and wonderful achievements of writers of HP Next Gen fic. Our friends at nextgen_awards have started an award nomination round.

Appropriate posting topics:
Fest announcements: Calls for submission and beginning of posting, also reveals
New Community Announcements
Weekly Prompt Announcements: For Communities with Weekly or Biweekly Prompts
Discussions of Extraordinary Recommended Fics and Fest Posts (not your own, preferably)
Questions to the Community Directly Related to Writing Next Gen
Search for Collaborators on Projects or RPGs

I will also be starting a series of weekly next gen character and situation topics for community discussion fodder.

Not to be posted here:
Individual Fics or Drabbles
Fic Searches
I'm sure there's more I haven't thought of yet, but I'll mention it when I see it.

So please join us for the fun, new or old, actively writing or just thinking about it. Your conversation is most welcome and your participation encouraged.

Please introduce yourself in the Introduction Post! (eventually :D)

Community Resources:
Welcome Post
Introduction Post
Active Next Gen Community List
Next Gen Rec Lists (coming soon)
Next Gen Fic Searches (coming soon)

Thanks to scholarslayouts for the lovely layout, "Summer Wave"!